Importance of Choosing Detailed Woodworking Shop Plans

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Do you know why mostly woodworker shop owners invest in planning and building their shop?

To be comfortable, efficient, and be organized when doing their work. A great Woodworking shop can motivate you to do your job. That is, woodworkers, find it functional to do their job when they have a comfortable woodworking environment.

When you start building your shop, you need to have your detailed plan and workshop layout. Eventually, everything must be on the list. 

Now, all woodworkers dream of having their shop with the right design, layout, and space. As such, woodworkers think about where to install their shop- maybe in a garage or in their basement.

Think of ways to maximize your small space, and then you can create an excellent woodworking area.

Are you also experiencing difficulties in planning your shop?

Typically, this topic on what is the importance of choosing detailed woodworking plans is for you.

How to Make Woodworking Shop Plan

When you start creating your plan, you need to consider these things:

  • Space
  • Budget
  • Products and tools
  • Shop Layout


First and foremost, consider your woodworking shop space when you start making your plan. Check your garage or your basement if it is okay for renovation, and inspect the size capacity.

Moreover, it is where you can identify what would be the best layout for your woodworking place.


Not all woodworking shop owners have enough budget. It is not a problem as you can start your desired shop in a little plan where you can lessen your expense in building your shop.

After inspecting the space, you can now identify how much it would cost to build your shop. You can now look over your perfect budget.

Products and Tools

When making a detailed plan for your woodworking shop, make sure to think of your products, hand tools, and power tools. 

Are you planning on selling big furnitures? Do you have immense power tools?

Well, these questions you need to consider when you plan.

If you think your woodworking shop is for big furnitures, you can now analyze the space where you can do big furnitures. You can also check what cabinets you are making for your tools- if it’s for small hand tools or power tools. And create your lumber storage.

Shop Layout

Last but not least, examine your Woodworking place layout. It is part of planning to make a layout and check for its appearance. Do some imagination when you plan. Check the best materials you can use for your shop construction. 

It is necessary that your planning is on point.

Here are also tips on how to make a layout for your Woodworking shop.

  • Check your Workflow
  • Organize and group your hand tools and power tools.
  • Put your wood supply at the entrance of your shop.
  • Put tools in the Workbench area.
  • Make a table and bench near the window.
  • Place your Miter Saw, and radial arm saw at the side of your Lumber rack.
  • Put your assembly table at the center.
  • Put the clamps near your table.
  • Place the table saw at the center.
  • Place the right tools on the wall.

Start doing your shop layout by constructing a drawing or blueprint.

Best Places To Make a Woodworking Shop

Anywhere you can set up a shop, but it’s great if you have these areas as these are also part of the importance of choosing a detailed plan.

 Check your home for more locations.

Car Garage

A garage is an example of where you can start your woodworking shop. A few of the advantages of garages are that there has to be one most wide entrance that can be open.

A car garage seems to be excellent for enhancing airflow, minimizing air dust and smells. You would like to see an extractor mounted at the wall on the other end of your garage. 


Are we having the same idea on where you can install your shop? Oh well, great start-up!

The basement is also an ideal part of your house where you can build your woodworking business. A basement may be dark. However, you can do the installation of lighting and window. It is also commonly accessible, and the environment is typically moderate.

Clean up, use your dust collection, make your move, and have a great woodworking plan.


Perhaps if you’re looking for a great spot where you can make your woodworking shop, well, this area is for you.

Renting an apartment may add an expense to your budget, but make sure you’re are looking for an apartment where it is accessible for buyers.

You can have ample space for a shop if you have an apartment to start on and have lumber storage.


Is your Attic is suitable for your shop? Once you have a workspace attic that can be good for renovation, that is not a problem.

Don’t make a problem with having a detailed shop plan. Let this will help you in choosing the right one for you. Measure your attic space and make sure your comfortable with that area.


Is that building still in good condition?

That’s a choice! Find some outbuildings and occupy them for free, or you can have them at a lesser price. Renovation is simple, and you just need to enhance and remove dust and do some design on that building.

Well, you can use your dust collector efficiently in this location.

Then you can create a beautiful woodworking shop.

How to Use Your Shop Space Efficiently

Using the layout planning mentioned above, woodworking shops can create a friendly layout that allows you to make and carve wood products. 

Make use of your shop space wisely, and don’t make it bulky to look. You have different sizes and shapes of the area you will be using for your woodworking shop.

You can start a shop in 20 x 20 size, and it is sufficient for start-up a woodworking shop.

You can install a sizeable workstation, even have wide storage with which you can store or view equipment and an area where you can arrange things including individual planks of wood, machinery, table saw and more about enough to a place like a shop.

However, make sure you will be installing enough materials for your woodworking shop.

You need to check these materials if they fit your space and if it’s okay to have wall-mounted storage. Have these materials checklist:

  1. Miter Saw
  2. Drill Press
  3. Portable Table Saw
  4. Circular and Track Saw
  5. Lumber and Raw Materials
  6. Work Stand
  7. Sawdust Clean up
  8. Sawdust control and dust collector
  9. Shop Vacuum

If you plan to have a woodworking shop in your basement, you need to check the space and area size. You can’t easily have these materials as these are all power and ample consumable space. Well, you can have a 30 X 40 size.

Two Types of  Woodworking Shop Floor Plan

Have you have been wondering about a detailed floor plan for your woodworking shop?

When planning on a detailed woodworking shop plan, you need to decide which is best for your shop: Concrete Floor or Wooden Floor. Both of them are good for your project, but you can also check the advantages of both selections.

Concrete Floor

Suppose you plan on having large types of woodworking tools- wherein mentioned above. In that case, it’s advisable to use the concrete floor since it needs a formidable foundation to avoid accidents at your shop.

Take some time! A concrete floor may the right plan for your shop.

It’s best to recommend building a shop with a concrete floor to avoid necessary vibrations as heavy machines need to move from one place to another. 

Advantages of Using Concrete Floor 

  1. Durable Materials
  2. Non-combustible
  3. Avoid noise
  4. Low Maintenance

Disadvantages of Using Concrete Floor

  1. Slippery floor
  2. Expensive than Wooden Floor

You have your choice; selecting a concrete floor is suitable for your big woodworking project.

Wooden Floor

If you are exhausted from selecting a concrete woodworking floor plan, you can have this wooden floor plan. A rigid floor plan is best to recommend on lightweight materials for your shop.

A wood floor is a basis for starting a woodworking place and dreaming of building a shop instantly. Of course, if it will treat well, it will last for a long time.

Advantages of Using Wooden Floor

  1. Cheap Materials
  2. Easy to Clean
  3. Not Slippery
  4. Better Air quality
  5. Withstand with weather conditions

Disadvantages of Using Wooden Floor

  1. Prone to Wet and fire
  2. Vibrations on Floor
  3. Prone to damages
  4. Not Fine for Heavy Machinery

Are you now thinking about what the right wood is for you? Now that you have these checklists of both floor plan’s advantages and disadvantages, you can conclude what is best for your shop. As doing woodwork, have the best floor plan and materials for your shop to avoid incidents.

Recommendations for Your Shop Planning

As you having your dream of building your shop, we recommend you to have these detailed plans.

  • Preferable 10 foot or 12-foot ceiling
  • 5HP Dust Collection
  • Bigger storage for Lumber
  • Electric Service for at least 200 amp 240 volt
  • Decide on expanding Your Shop well
  • Avoid drywall screws
  • Consider overhead lighting
  • Wall-mounted Materials

Woodworking Shop Design

Improving and setting up your woodworking shop design is a hobby but most likely an obsession for those woodworkers. Here are some practical tips I’ve learned over time that I think will help you get much more satisfaction from your woodworking shop with various woodworking types in mind. 

Installing more cabinets can surely consume space; however, this is a design to organize your woodworking shop well.

Check out these three strategies for woodworking design.

Discussion Strategy

In this approach, consultation is best. Consult your friend, family, and other people about what is best for your woodworking shop. Discussion is the desired to make a better imagination and plan. This way of approach, you can analyze the pros and cons of making a woodworking shop.

You should balance the best decision you can have while discussing on with your friends and other people.

Scaling Strategy

This strategy requires determination to start up your plan. You can now just sit and draw or layout what and how you want to maximize your space. On your drawing, check out your necessary materials needed. An excellent illustration can lead to better design.

Best to check: Miter Saw, Table saw, radial arm saw, dust collection.

To come up with a better woodworking shop, make sure to follow this strategy and guide. This article is helpful for your planning.

Analysis Strategy

What do you want to sell? Are you planning for a future big woodworking shop? These questions may ask for yourself when starting a store.

Analysis strategy is a way to come up with questions and changes may be in the future. Ensure your safety when you do the analysis and the best for your shop.

So, end this analysis as this is also part of learning the importance of choosing detailed woodworking plans.

Overall Insights

Well, we are on top of everything in settling a woodworking plan. You, woodworkers – make sure to set your strategy.

Having a time plan may be helpful to achieve your woodworking shop goal. A key to a more extraordinary woodworking project is determination.