Woodworking Basics That You Should Know

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Woodworking Introduction

Woodworking is the skill of making different items from a plank of wood using various tools – both power tools and hand tools.

With woodworking, you can express your own creativity and emotion over a piece of woodwork. Woodworking project includes:

  • Furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Carving
  • Doors
  • Handmade Arts
  • Home Repairs
  • Tool Storage
  • Barn House
  • Joinery
  • Wood Crafting
  • DIY Wood Projects

Yes, Woodworking is overwhelming and a rewarding hobby everyone can have.

It can be intimidating for beginners, but it is also a skill and even professions that will last long, which is useful. 

Most woodworking beginners struggled on:
  • What woodworking basic skills should I need?
  • What woodworking tools do I need as a new woodworker?
  • How to use basic woodworking tools?
  • How to start with a woodworking workshop?

Have you ever felt the same? Do not worry! I am here to guide you. 

Today, you will learn basic woodworking tips and guides on how to start as a woodworking beginner.

These popular woodworking guides have helped me with my woodworking projects, and it will help you get the basics skill in your woodworking journey too.  By reading this article, you will learn woodworking Basics That You Should Know today.

woodworking basic

Woodworking Skills: New Woodworker Need To Know

With the following basic skills, you can complete a lot of woodworking projects and can even build a woodworking shop.

1. Wood Understanding

Learn how to choose the best type of wood you need for your woodworking projects. Learn how to determine which wood types would be the best woodworking material for furniture, cabinets, storage chest, doors, windows, interior home design, wardrobes, and outdoor tool shed.

Try to understand the basics of wood grain, wood properties, and wood orientation. Learn how humidity might affects the wood you will use for your woodworking projects.

2. Drilling

A cordless drill is an efficient way of making holes in your woodworking projects. Learn basic skills, tricks, and tips on how to use drills in making holes. Spend time to watch video tutorials on how to use it, and you will learn to use it in a better way and make the most out of it.

3. Cutting

circular saw for woodworking
15-Amp Motor Circular saw is one of the basic power tool you need for woodworking

There are lots of tools you can use to cut your woodworking materials like:

  • Jigsaw
  • Table saw
  • Circular saw
  • Hand Saw

4. Screwing

A screw is an essential tool you need for your woodworking projects. It is used to connect two or more pieces of woods to form your ideal woodwork. Making a cabinet, a wooden chair, a wooden bed, or any woodworking project, you need a screw. And it is important that you know what screws to use on specific woodwork.

5. Sanding

When drilling a hole on your woodworking project, it leaves splinters and burs on the wood surface that will make it rough. Make your wood surface soft by using a sander.

Learn the different sandpaper and sanding equipment that you need before starting your woodworking journey.


  • Coarse (40 to 60 grit)
  • Medium (80 to 120)
  • Fine (150 to 180)
  • Very Fine (220 to 240)
  • Extra Fine (280 to 320)
  • Super Fine (360 and above)


  • Belt Sander
  • Random Orbital Sander
  • Disc Sander
  • Finishing Sander

6. Painting 

Make your woodworking project stunning by painting it with your chosen paint. When painting a finished woodworking project, you can use either wood shellac or basic wood paint.

Remember, painting your finished product will make it look beautiful and protect the build quality of your woodwork.

woodworking basic painting


Basic Wood Understanding

Get started today with knowing and understanding the different lumber types and properties. 

Why would that be important?

Well, learning each wood type and its properties will be an advantage to avoid common mistakes in Woodworking. 

Certain type of wood is best suited in a certain woodworking project while others do not.

Start learning what certain type of wood is appropriate for your woodworking project.

woodworking basic tools
Group of Hardwood Trees
Take this example here: 

Softwood like aspen, basswood, butternut, black walnut, and oak are good materials for carving and furniture.


Softwoods have almost no grain and are distinctly soft when used for woodworking.

Hardwoods such as oak, ash, and walnut, which are darker and have a grainier finish.

They are good woodworking materials for home interior designs like doors and windows. 

hardwood Lumber For Woodworking
Brown Tree Log For Wood Working

Softwoods for Woodworking Materials

  • Cedar
  • Fir
  • Pine
  • Ponderosa
  • Southern yellow pine

Hardwood For Woodworking Materials

  • Ash
  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Maple
basic hand tools for woodworking
Basic Hand Tools For Woodworking

Woodworking Basics: Tools A Beginner Must Know!

Power tools and hand tools are both essential for woodworking projects. 

For a complete set of woodworking tools you that every woodworker must have, read here.

Power tools for Woodworking are easy to use and can save you time. 

Hand tools are widely used by experienced woodworkers because it added character to their woodwork. 

Expert woodworker uses certain tools on their wood project.

But, as a beginner, your woodworking tools should start with the basics.

Before making a purchase on a woodworking shop, it is important to know what woodwork tools you need for your project.

To get started, here is the complete beginner’s guide to must-have woodworking tools.

7 Power Tools For Woodworking

  • Drill
  • Sander
  • Miter Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Planer
  • Band Saw

Basic Hand Tools For Woodworking

  • Clamps
  • Chisels
  • Claw Hammer
  • Square
  • Tape Measure

As a beginner, choosing what types of woodworking tools you will use depends on your skill level and what kind of woodworking projects you wish to work with.

It is wise to get some basic hand tools and a few power tools for you to start working. And then, get started with knowing what woodworking tools are essential on your woodwork projects.

Top 5 Woodworking Tools And Its Uses

Table Saw 

Table Saw For Woodworking
Different Brand Of Table Saw For Woodworking

An excellent tool for making quick, precise work of repetitive tasks on woodworking project.

It is one of the power tools that are ideal for most carpentry and woodworker. These tools can be purchase in different woodworking shops across the world.

Getting started with a tool you never met before can be hard and frustrating for beginners.

Take this guide here and start knowing its different parts and types.

Different Parts of Table Saw

  • Table
  • Fence
  • Fence Dog
  • Blade
  • Insert
  • Adjustment Wheel
  • Adjustment Lever
  • Power Button

Different Types Of Saw Cut

  • Cross – It is a way of wood cutting across the lumber grain in a specific length. You can do it with the use of the miter gauge.
  • Ripping – It is a way of woodcutting that goes down the wood board’s length with a specific width. You can do it with the use of a guide of a fence.
  • Dado – It is a way It can be done with a miter gauge and fence with the use of a blade.
  • Angled – It is a way of woodcutting at an accurate angle for a piece of furniture. You can do it along with a miter gauge, a hand plane, a protractor, and a bevel gauge.
Working Table Saw In A Woodworking Shop
A Working Table Saw In A Woodworking Shop

Different Types Of Saw Blade Height

  • High Height – Setting your blade higher will reduce the risks of getting cut in your finger.
  • Low Height – Setting your blade at a low height will make your woodwork easier and more accessible.

As new woodworkers, just go with your comfort.

Four types Of Saw Blades

  • 10-Inch – It is designed for both crosscutting and Ripping
  • 60-Tooth – It is best used in crosscuts on a miter saw.
  • 90-Tooth – It contains special teeth designed to cut veneered plywood.
  • Black Blades – It is designed for dado cutting for wide grooves in a block of wood.

5 Easy Step To Change A Saw Blade

  • Unplug the power tools for safety precautions.
  • Remove the blade guard.
  • Used a wrench to loosen the nut and to hold the blade locking pin.
  • Remove the blade and replace it with your new blade.
  • Tighten the blade back with the use of a wrench, and your good to go.
Circular Saw Brand in The market
Different Brand Of Circular Saw For Woodworking

Circular Saw

It is a power tool used for cutting lumber with a toothed blade or abrasive disc. Circular saw cuts wide varieties of materials like lumber, masonry, plastic, and metals. A portable handheld woodwork tools that are commonly used in carpentry.

In Woodworking, getting started with a circular saw can be dangerous if not used carefully and properly.

Learn its different parts before using your power tool on your woodwork. Check-out this lists here:

  • Handle and Power trigger
  • Trigger lock switch
  • Front grip
  • Shoe
  • Bevel adjustment knob
  • Depth lock knob
  • Power source
Parts Of A Circular Saw
Different Parts Of A Circular Saw

New Woodworker can easily learn how to cut lumber with a circular saw by simply following these easy steps here:

10 Easy Step For A Lumber Cut

  1. Measure and mark the lumber cut’s line.
  2. Clamp the lumber firmly to a workstation. Attach the appropriate blade.
  3. Set the appropriate measurement on the lumber you are cutting. Confirm the bevel angle.
  4. Plug the saw’s cord into its power source.
  5. Rest the shoe on the edge of the wood near the cutting line. Lift the blade guard.
  6. To get a full speed of the saw, just lock the switch and pull the trigger. 
  7. Keep the shoe firmly on the wood surface and move forward.
  8. To prevent irregular angles, guide your saw properly.
  9. To stop the saw from cutting, just release the trigger. 

Simple Wood Cutting Tips

Learn this wood cutting tips here and be an expert in woodworking.

  • Avoid splintering your wood on the top side and keeping it smooth by making cuts sides facing down.
  • Make your cut line with masking tape to reduce splintering on your wood.
  • Do not clamp both sides of a cut.
  • Set the appropriate lumber cut-out measurement to avoid unnecessary cut-out.


Working Jigsaw Brand
Different Brand Of Jigsaw

Jigsaw is an easy-to-use power tool that every woodworker need to have today. It is widely used to make straight or intricate curved cuts in a woodworking project. As a woodworker beginner, it is important for you to get to know its fundamentals of using a jigsaw. With Jigsaw, you can make detailed cuts on a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, laminate, and tile. With its narrow blade, it is best used in making shapes and curves in a block of wood.

Beginners Guide: How To Make A Cut With A Jigsaw

  • Clamp the woods firmly to your workstation and attach the appropriate blade.
  • Plug the power cord on its main source.
  • Pull the trigger to start using the jigsaw at a full speed.
  • Guide your Jigsaw.
  • Avoid bending your blade by not putting pressure into your Jigsaw.
  • Release the trigger of the Jigsaw once done.

Woodworkers Beginners Guide: Tips for Using Jigsaws

  • Protect the wood surface by using masking tape on the bottom of the shoe.
  • Mark and cut through masking tape to reduce chipping on cut edges.
  • Make a 1/2-inch hole on your wood, then insert the saw blade into the hole to start the cut-out.

Power Drill

Different Parts Of A Power Drill
Different Parts Of A Power Drill

A power drill is essential for your wood projects. It is used to boreholes, to loosen or tighten screws, and even to chisel. There are two types of power drills:

  • Corded Power Drill
  • Cordless Power Drill

Well, Corded power Drills are measured in wattage. It is important for you to know that the higher wattage is better for drilling masonry. If you are drilling into plasterboard, a lower wattage will suffice.

Cordless Power Drill power is rated in volts. Just like the corded power drill, the higher the voltage rating is, the more powerful it is.

Types of Power Drill

  • Power Screwdriver
  • Drill Drivers
  • Combi Drills
  • Impact driver
  • Hammer drill
  • SDS hammer drill

Corded Power Drill Parts

  • Function Switch
  • Motor Housing
  • Forward/Reverse Switch
  • Corded Drill
  • Hanger Hook Storage
  • D-Handle Design
  • 360 Degree Auxiliary Handle
  • LED Light
  • Depth Stop

Cordless Power Drill Parts

  • Auxiliary Handle
  • Gear Selector Switch
  • Forward/Reverse Switch
  • Belt Clip
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Battery Lock & Release
  • Trigger & Pistol Grip
  • Keyless Chuck
  • Clutch Adjustment Collar

5 Easy Step On Using A Power Drill

  • Remove the drill bit by losing the chunk.
  • Insert your new drill bit.
  • Tighten the chuck.
  • Adjust the torque for the right drill speed
  • Make sure to stabilize your drill and start drilling with a low speed and then speed up. 

Orbit Sander

Orbital sander
Random orbital action for high removal rate and a high quality finish

Orbit sanders are widely used among Woodworkers for a variety of sanding and smoothing projects.

Different Parts Of Orbital Sander

  • Power switch
  • Housing motor
  • Sanding pad
  • Dust bag
  • Battery
  • Palm grip

How To Load Sanding Paper On Orbital Sander

  1. Choose the right grit level of your sanding paper.
  2. Replace the new piece of sanding paper.
  3. Proper alignment is necessary for the sander to work. Make sure the sandpaper is aligned with the sander base.
Changing A Sand Paper For Woodworking
Fast and Easy Sand Paper Changing

How To Use Orbital Sander?

Just switch the unit on and move the sander in a circular motion on your wood surface.

learn woodworking basics today
Start with learning woodworking tools today.

It is not hard to learn Woodworking today. If you are passionate about constructing wood projects, your perseverance and passion will leap over any barrier in your path.

There are lots of tools you need to know for you to become an expert woodworker. If you are planning to purchase a tool and start your journey with woodwork, they can be found on eCommerce websites like Amazon, Home Depot, and even online woodworking shops. Amazon and Home Depot sell different types of working tools you might want to purchase.

Take some time to start with learning woodworking tools today and be a woodworking expert tomorrow!